国立公園「雲仙」内の宿として、私達が出来ること ~ 持続可能なよりよい環境のために ~ What we can do as a hotel in the national park "Unzen"
~ For a better and more sustainable environment


Yuyado Unzen Shinyu supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2015年に国連で採択されたSDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)。2030年までに実現を目指しています。

Unzen" is the first national park in Japan.
Since its establishment in 1907, we have been welcoming many guests in an environment surrounded by the peace of nature.
The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as an international goal to realize a sustainable society in which no one is left behind, with 17 goals, including environmental conservation to protect the richness of the oceans and land.
As a hotel located in a national park, we will do what we can to protect this rich nature.

客室での使い捨てプラスチックフリーを目指して 〜 使い捨てアメニティをプラスチック製から環境に配慮した素材へ 〜 Aiming to eliminate disposable plastic in guest rooms
〜 Changing Disposable Amenities from Plastic to Environmentally Friendly Materials

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お米歯ブラシ イメージ画像

お米歯ブラシRice toothbrush

The toothbrushes are made of rice that contains 35% old or crushed rice that is not suitable for food use. The CO2 generated when this product is burned after use does not affect the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, and this product has obtained the "Biomass Mark," which is given to environmentally friendly products that utilize bio-derived resources.

コットンセット イメージ画像

コットンセットCotton Pad and Cotton Swab

The paper is used for packaging, instead of OP film.
※なお、一部客室にて提供しております化粧品は、フランスブランド「Omnisens(オムニサンス)」を採用しております。フランス・ブルターニュ地方の自然原料に拘り、身体にも環境にも優しいブランドです。サトウキビを90%配合したエコチューブが使われております。 In addition, the cosmetics provided in some of the guest rooms are the French brand "Omnisens". Omnisens is a French brand that uses only natural ingredients from the Brittany region of France, and is gentle on the body and the environment. They use eco-friendly tubes that contain 90% sugar cane.

その他アメニティOther Amenities

その他アメニティ(カミソリ・ブラシなど)は不要な廃棄を無くすため、客室へはご準備せず、フロントにてご用意しております。必要な際にお声がけください。 Other amenities (razors, brushes, etc.) are available at the front desk to eliminate unnecessary disposal. Please ask for them when you need them.

ミネラルウォーター イメージ画像

Mineral water.From plastic bottle containers to paper containers

容器には再生可能な資源(FSC認証取得)が採用されています。 The bottled mineral water provided in guest rooms has been replaced with paper containers.Recyclable resources (FSC certified) are used for the containers.

Change bath products from mini bottles to in-room bottles

また、化学肥料や農薬をできる限り使わないオーガニック製品を導入し、お客様の安全安心と環境負荷の軽減に努めます。 We have changed from individually wrapped bath products (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face wash, etc.) for each guest to pump bottles for each room.
This will help reduce the disposal of plastic containers.
We have also introduced organic products that use as little chemical fertilizers and pesticides as possible, to ensure the safety and security of our guests and to reduce our environmental impact.

取り組み 〜 地域共生社会を目指して 〜 Initiatives for Local Production for Local Consumption and Regional Tourism
- Toward a Community-based Society

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15マイル宣言 イメージ画像


15マイル宣言15 mile declaration

当館は、宿を中心とした半径15マイル(25km)圏内の地産の新鮮な恵みの数々を極力使うことを「島原半島15マイル宣言」として掲げ、月替わりでオリジナル会席に仕立てご提供しております。 It is said that realizing the circulation of food within the community and promoting local production for local consumption will bring about various benefits, such as lowering CO2 emissions by reducing food mileage (the distance food is transported), improving the health of citizens by consuming healthy and fresh food, and revitalizing the local economy.
As part of our "Shimabara Peninsula 15 Mile Declaration," we are committed to using as much as possible of the freshest local produce from within a 15-mile radius (25 km) around our hotel, which we prepare and serve as our original monthly kaiseki menu.

雲仙ひのきの採用 イメージ画像

Adoption of Unzen Hinoki
(Japanese Cypress)

木材の地産地消により、地域や森の活性化に取り組んでいます。 Unzen hinoki (Japanese cypress) is used in some of the renovated guest room washrooms and the semi-private dining room "Ashikari".
We are working to revitalize the local community and forests through local production and local consumption of wood.

ガイドブック イメージ画像

Local introduction in our exclusive guidebook

市販のガイドブックには紹介されてない「隠れ家」を発見できます。 Our exclusive guidebook is distributed to our guests.
The guidebook introduces about 30 attractive places, including restaurants, activities, and sightseeing facilities, selected by our staff from a local perspective.
You can discover "hideaways" that are not introduced in commercially available guidebooks.

What are the 17 goals to change the world?


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