Shinyu, Unzen Onsen, Nagasaki Prefecture


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Unzen History and nature in harmony Japan's first national park

The beautiful Shimabara Peninsula - recognized as Japan's first [Geopark]


Shimabara Peninsula offers places to observe scientifically important geological and topographical heritage and beautiful natural environments such as Unzen volcano.
At the beautiful Shimabara Peninsula geopark, you can enjoy the view of the volcano which is one of the most dynamic activities of the earth, learn about their value and magnificence and think about the connections between the earth, humans, plants and animals.

  • Chidiwa Fault (a normal fault which is a rarity in Japan)
    Chidiwa Fault (a normal fault which is a rarity in Japan)
  • The abundant blessings of springs and volcanoes
    The abundant blessings of springs and volcanoes
  • Rice terraces
    Rice terraces
Unzen Jigoku

Unzen Jigoku

Unzen Jigoku with the smell of sulphur and steam clouds is a place which was the stage for Christian martyrdom.
There are at least 30 Jigokus (Hells) such as Daikyokan, Oito, Seisichi, and now, just as in the past, pure white steam billows out of fumaroles.
1-2 minutes by foot from the hotel

Shimabara Castle

Shimabara Castle

This castle was completed after 7 long years in 1624 (the 1st year of the Kanei Era) by the domain lord, Shigemasa Matsukura. Shimabara Castle was also the stage for “Shimabara Rebellion”, the insurgence by the largest-scale Christian uprising in Japanese history which occurred at the beginning of the Edo Period. In the interior of the castle tower, there is a Christian museum that displays the Christian and Western cultures that were florid at the time.
40 minutes by car from the hotel

Obama Onsen at dusk

Obama Onsen at dusk

Dusk at Obama Onsen is so beautiful that visitors never forget it. People who see the sunset from the old onsen town filled with emotion will have the scene burned into their memories.
20 minutes by car minutes from the hotel

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