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Unzen Shinyu – extremely convenient for Unzen sightseeing. Shinyu is located in the south of Japan in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu.
The wilds of nature that are so beautiful that they have been designated as a natural park remain unchanged and warmly welcome visitors with their clouds of steam and aroma of sulphur.

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Unzen History and nature in harmony Japan’s first national park

What is a geopark?

A geopark is one type of natural park that includes much geological heritage and is a site that is important from a geological point of view.
The aims of the geopark are to: 1) protect geological heritage, 2) educate and diffuse using geological heritage and 3) geo-tourism using geological heritage. The geological heritage of the geopark must be suitably protected through cooperation with universities and geological survey institutions. Education and diffusion activities concerning geosciences in general including earth environmental problems are conducted. Through these activities, geo-tourism to geological heritage is developed and the promotion of the region is achieved through this development.

The beautiful Shimabara Peninsula

Shimabara Peninsula offers places to observe scientifically important geological and topographical heritage and beautiful natural environments such as Unzen volcano.
At the beautiful Shimabara Peninsula geopark, you can enjoy the view of the volcano which is one of the most dynamic activities of the earth, learn about their value and magnificence and think about the connections between the earth, humans, plants and animals.

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